Nutrition Addition Technology that demands attention

No Software Required

Nutrition Addition products don't require you to install software on your computer or on your network. If you have access to the Internet, you can update and utilize your products from anywhere in the world.


Set-Up Assistance

Nutrition Addition will help you set-up or establish your products. The time required to attain working webware that accurately reflects your real-life operation is essential, and it is included in the initial license fee. Additionally, control panel training will be offered so you or your staff can modify your webware in the future.


Update Tools

Update tools are essential in keeping your projects organized and up-to-date. Each Nutrition Addition online utility comes equipped with a set of update tools in a password-protected area of your online portal. You can access this update portal through the web at any time and as often as you wish.

Setting up your utility or making changes to data previously entered is easy. While the options range greatly in scope and variety, they also require steps to be taken in a certain order. The update tools help guide you through the setup and update process so that you don't end up making errors.

Each update portal also includes a statistics control panel that details visitor data, habits, frequency, and duration. You are able to set a date range to view statistics as well as determine which pages are most popular and which are duds. The statistics control panel also comes equipped with the ability to see how many users are actively on the site.


Customizable Features

Each Nutrition Addition online utility can be customized with special graphics and/or additional features to meet your specific needs. While certain structural elements are predefined, other features like fonts, colors, and sizes can be adjusted.


Logo Incorporation

Many times you will have logos that you would like to incorporate into your Nutrition Addition online utility. This can be done! Product and/or concept branding is important, and by including your logos, we can help reinforce your brand.

During the set-up process, Nutrition Addition can easily adjust the utility you are using to include your logos. We do request that these logos be in EPS format or are high-quality TIFF files.


Support from Nutrition Addition

Inevitably you will feel that you have made an uncorrectable error. While the error may not be detrimental to your online utility, we can help smooth things over. Nutrition Addition will gladly help walk you through the process of working with your online utility.

And if you need an immediate answer to a question or problem you are faced with, you will be able to call Nutrition Addition directly and speak with an actual human being. Or you can e-mail the developer of the webware directly, and he will answer your questions and provide suggestions. No ticket support centers; no phone banks or phone queues.

Nutrition Addition is committed to knowing our clients and being accessible to our clients. We believe that if your webware doesn't function correctly, it does you no good. And let's face it, unhappy clients don't do us any good either. We strive to head of problems before they occur as well as creating innovative new features that will be of interest, value, and use to you and your customers.