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The Catering Cart is a complete online ordering system for any catering outfit. You have complete control over the products you sell, the prices you set, the delivery dates and times, as well as a host of other features.

Users are required to sign up for an account to place an order. You have the option to limit accounts to e-mail addresses within a specific domain. This account will allow users to see all past orders and all orders pending in the system. This order history permits easy repeat ordering.

The Catering Cart allows for multiple catering operations to run within the webware. Operations can be viewed by all users, or you can invite certain users to participate in a particular catering operation. (Especially good on college campuses to allow administration and staff to order separately from the student body.) Each operation has a set of hours of operation (pick-up or delivery) as well as a closing window so orders can be prepared in time for the event.

Inside an operation, the Catering Cart allows you to inventory any type of menu: simple items like bottled water and a dozen bagels, minimal-choice items like a boxed lunch with a choice of several sides, and complex items like a build-your-own pizza requiring at least X toppings but no more than Y.

Nutrition Addition will take your menus and work with you to ensure what you offer in real life can translate intuitively to the web so users will understand what they are purchasing. We help you break down your menus into relevant categories and help provide ordering instructions and item descriptions where they are needed most.

The Catering Cart has the built-in capability to allow you to upload images of the available items. Show thumbnails and/or super-sized images to make product recognition easier. Additionally, descriptive pages for pick-up procedures, delivery procedures, and frequently asked questions are available.

Skins/Custom Designs.
The Catering Cart comes with several site templates preloaded. Each comes with options ranging from different color schemes to varying graphical elements. As always, your program's logo and name will be incorporated into the webware to brand it as your own.

Some clients may request a different site layout/design. Nutrition Addition can accommodate any requests and create a skin with a new look and feel from scratch or can take direction from you, the client.

Administrative Control Panel.
The Catering Cart comes with an easy-to-navigate control panel. Inside you are able to adjust values for any food item at any time from any computer with Internet access. To monitor the popularity of your site, we also feature an extensive control panel dedicated to statistics gathered from users. Some of the information featured includes: number of visitors, time of visits, duration of visits, frequency of visits, and much, much more.

Unique to the Catering Cart and the Shoppers Club products is the Management Center located inside the administrative control panel. Those preparing the orders can utilize this control panel without having access to the main control panel where pricing resides. The Management Center allows you to track item popularity, identify upcoming orders, draft invoices or delivery receipts, process payments, track overdue balances, as well as a host of other useful features.



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