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The Menu Manager is the best way to present menus to your customers in an online manner.

A comprehensive solution for static menus, simple or complex menu rotations, single- or multiple-serving-line operations, or any combination of the above... The Menu Manager offers unparalleled flexibility in getting your menu cycle online — and getting it right!

The Menu Manager has two exciting components. First, the webpage interface seamlessly integrates into your website. Easy-to-understand calendars and user-friendly selections allow for all menus to show or just one.

The second part of the Menu Manager is a downloadable widget for your patrons to download free of charge. Working with the Yahoo! Widget Engine, the widget lives quietly on your desktop pulling the "current" menu you are serving during the day. Options to view other menus "today" allow for easy access for your customers. (View screenshots to see what the widget looks like.)

As with all Nutrition Addition products, the Menu Manager comes with an extensive set of update tools in a control panel. These tools allow you to tailor the front-end design to meet the needs of your dining operation in a custom environment:

  • set rotations that run every day, or only weekdays
  • set rotations that rotate three menus on Saturday and every fourth Saturday, the cycle repeats
  • set rotations that serve Monday through Friday but number Saturday and Sunday skipping those menus
  • set special events that replace the normal menu offerings
  • indicate vegetarian and vegan options for any food you may serve


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