Nutrition Addition

Nutrition Addition began in 2004 with the Nutrition Calculator. Approached with the need to disseminate nutrition information for a large-scale foodservice operation, we developed the Nutrition Calculator with the idea that while multiple foodservice operations would end up using the system, it had to remain customizable to give each customer the opportunity to attach its own brand and style to it.

Building on the Nutrition Calculator, we created the Food Planner so that patrons could store meals to a calendar and track their nutrition intake over time. The Menu Manager came next, as we saw that too many college/university foodservice operations were having to manually change their menus on their websites each week. Our solution was to enter the menus at the start of the semester, set a regular cycle with start- and stop-dates, and let the system figure out the rest. We also connected nutrition data from the Nutrition Calculator to individual foods in the Menu Manager.

We then extended our existing product lines and increased their accessibility and improved their ease-of-use. We added iOS and Android apps for both the Nutrition Calculator and the Menu Manager. And we developed the Recipe Analyzer to work behind the scenes in Nutrition Calculator data preparation.

As times change and technology evolves, our commitment is to keep our products fresh and easy-to-use.

University Dining Services

University Dining Services is a division of Creative Minds, Inc. and focuses on the online, design, and marketing needs of college and university food service operations. Our goal is to assist the self-ops as well as outsourced dining programs with their website, concept development, customer recruitment, image branding, and other technology strategies.

Nutrition Addition, Staffing Shark, The Campus Dining App, and The Point of Order App are all product lines under the University Dining Services umbrella. Additional services include website development, custom app development, eCommerce, logo design, and more.

Creative Minds, Inc.

Creative Minds, Inc. has been developing websites for clients since 1999. Understanding the delicate balance between good website page design, concise copy writing, and effective technology solutions, our websites not only look good, but they convey information clearly and effectively. Additionally, our client-focused solutions allow the client the option to update and to change features on their sites based on their editorial decisions as frequently as necessary.

Our work in the collegiate foodservice industry began in 2000 with Vanderbilt Campus Dining at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. Working as a development agent devoted strictly to the needs of the website, we helped Vanderbilt Campus Dining during the transition time where the operation’s promotional material stopped being printed and became an online, digital resource.

In 2004 we created a new line of products for license to college and university foodservice operations: Nutrition Addition. The Nutrition Addition suite of products provided a much-needed resource for the industry so that individual operations would not have to contract a developer to create custom products for recipe analysis, nutrition planning, menu rotations, etc. Rather, the Nutrition Addition suite allowed dining programs to license one or all to meet their individual needs.

Our work with mobile apps has intensified over the last few years. Creative Minds has developed apps for the broadcast industry to better serve niche areas, focusing on easy, informative experiences along with revenue generation.


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