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The Nutrition Calculator is Nutrition Addition's flagship piece of webware (web-based software). It allows patrons of your dining facility or restaurant to visit your website and create a virtual meal using the food items you serve. Customers then can review nutritional data of that meal and customize it with different quantities, toppings, condiments, etc.

The Nutrition Calculator also comes equipped with a range finder where users may search for foods meeting certain nutritional criteria. Or users can seek out information on a particular food by specifying a food name.

Icons for Dietary Needs.
Users with special dietary concerns can easily be accommodated with the Nutrition Calculator. Icons can denote the eight most-common allergies (milk, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat). Vegetarian and vegan icons are also included. And if you have a special icon you desire to incorporate, that can happen too, whether it's gluten-free, kosher, or a special franchise your program is promoting.

Nutrition Label.
At times it can be more intuitive to read a nutrition label than a grid of numbers. To help your customers better understand what nutritional value your foods have to offer, the Nutrition Calculator features the Nutrition Label: an on-screen representation of the FDA-required label applied to all food products. Users can see the raw data and a percent daily value (%DV) amount.

Healthy Bytes & Ingredient Lists.
To help promote healthy eating choices, the Nutrition Calculator comes equipped with over 20 preloaded facts you can assign to various foods. Additionally, the option to include a prepared food's ingredient list can also alert health-conscious customers.

Administrative Control Panel.
The Nutrition Calculator comes with an easy-to-navigate control panel. Inside you are able to adjust values for any food at any time from any computer with Internet access. To monitor the popularity of your Nutrition Calculator, we also feature an extensive control panel dedicated to statistics gathered from users. Some of the information featured includes: number of visitors, time of visits, duration of visits, frequency of visits, and much, much more.

Franchise Library.
To help expedite the creation and installation of your Nutrition Calculator, Nutrition Addition has created the Franchise Library: a ready-to-include database of popular national franchises with foods' nutritional information pre-programmed. The Franchise Library will continue to grow over time, and it will be updated periodically as national franchises adjust their product offerings! Just one more way Nutrition Addition is making our webware stronger and more robust.


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