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The Recipe Analyzer is the newest offering to the Nutrition Addition family of products for the food service industry. It allows you as a food service operation to dynamically build your recipes ingredient by ingredient from over 7,200 foods. Additionally, you are able to enter in custom ingredients and reuse certain recipes within other recipes.

Capitalizing on the USDA-provided library of over 7,200 ingredients, the Recipe Analyzer allows you to add ingredients to your recipes from a dash of spice to a pound of meat. Most ingredients offer various weights and portion sizes to accommodate your specific recipes. And the dynamic search feature makes locating an ingredient quick and easy.

Custom Ingredients.
To accommodate recipes with regional or unique ingredients, the Recipe Analyzer allows you to enter the nutritional values for ingredients specific to your recipes. For example, if you have a recipe that calls for a specific product from a specific brand or provider, you can use the nutrition label/information from the product itself and add it to your custom ingredient library.

Nutrition Labels.
Having the data in the Recipe Analyzer is great, but how about printing it out? The nutrition label feature allows you the opportunity to generate USDA-style nutrition facts labels to print or post to meet your marketing needs.

Integration with the Nutrition Calculator.
The Recipe Analyzer was developed with Nutrition Calculator integration in mind, and exporting your recipe data to the Nutrition Calculator couldn't be easier. Once your recipes are configured, use the Nutrition Calculator synch feature: the system will copy the data over to the Nutrition Calculator and alert you of any potential problems or discrepancies which will require your attention. And this operation can be done as often as you wish as you add and develop recipes.



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