Menu Venue – Beta – Screenshots

The Restaurants tab features a list of serving stations and their current "What's Open" status (Hours of Operation). A broadcast message can alert users at the top to important information.
Restaurants can be filtered by cuisine.
Inside a specific Restaurant, the first screen shows today's menu with the ability to view other menus on the schedule. Toggle between meal times, and click on a menu item to view nutrition information.
Swiping left or tapping the Hours button at the top will show this unit's current set of hours along with any daily overrides for holidays/breaks.
The About screen features a description of the unit. Optional sections include: a list of cuisines, special events, and health inspections.
Back on the menu tab, filter the results based on dietary concerns and allergies.
When applied, the filter shows the full menu, but highlights foods that meet the user's requirements.
Nutrition Label
All Diet / Allergy icons. If Ingredients are included, a third button will appear at the top.
Search for foods that are being served on campus.
Select a food and see when it is being served. Select a date to see where and at what meal times. The same food can be served across multiple units.
Favorite a food to have it appear listed by meal time under the unit where it is served. This makes it easy to add to a meal for nutritional analysis or to see when the food is being served.
Add foods to your meal to get a complete nutrition summation.
This nutrition label totals all foods and multiple quantities.
The More tab is home to other features that you can choose to include in the app.
Special Events can be listed with event locations, times, and descriptions of the event.
A list of health inspections shows the unit, station/identifier, date, and grade which can be a number, character, symbol or a combination.
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